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David Eden is big guy with a kid's heart. He's the founder of KIDWISE, a non-profit ministry to children & those who love them.  Dave has spent 3 decades walking with Jesus in what he calls:"Jesus Christ University"! He is a devoted husband, a grateful father of five, a singer-songwriter, a mural artist, a cartoonist and a children's minister.  He's spent 25 years raising a family, 30 years in billboard and mural art, 35 years in music and teaching ministry, 10 years in prison ministry and 20 years in pastoral and children's ministry. Let's see, that makes Dave 120 years old! ...kidding!

But through all these precious mountains and valleys of life in Christ, Dave has learned a few vital life-lessons. He'd love to share with your kids, or your kid's workers, some of those JCU adventures and insights that make Dave an engaging and empowering missionary to children.

As you dream BIG for your little ones, maybe we can help that dream.
Here areThe 3 Big Ways God is using Kidwise
to make a big impact on kids & kid's ministers...

Reference letters about Dave's ministry follow each section. 

To revolutionize kids' lives as disciples
of Jesus, helping them be passionate
for God in their world.

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1. Dave uses creative object lessons and disarming humor as he brings God's Word to young minds.  He tells stories from books, from the news and from his own childhood. Your kids will also enjoy Dave's cartooning talks, song ministry, character skits and video clips as he challenges kids to walk in all God created them to be!

To refresh children's workers, helping
them be faithful and wise in the ways
of kids and to teach more like Jesus.

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2. Dave has a God-given mission to bless those who bless kids.  He wants to help children's workers see their amazing calling and to inspire them to be more childlike in their hearts, more like Christ-like in their ministry. By modeling his own ministry to kids and holding teacher training workshops, Dave encourages teachers to embrace the awesome simplicity and destiny of being God's kid-wise missionary to the most precious harvest field in the world! 

To redecorate ministry environments,
helping them be colorful places
of prayer, learning and fun.

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3. Dave wants to bless your childrens' learning environment with imaginative murals or scenery!  Dave's been a mural & billboard artist for three decades and has helped many churches & schools create fun and inspiring décor for their kids’ maximum learning.  Dave can help you, your kids & teachers transform your children's department into a wondrous world kids love to visit!  Just take a visit to EdenSigns.com