Photo Gallery

"You Fight for Me" kid's performance,
New Hope Church; Wylie, TX

Trevor and Noah breakin' down some dance moves!


Daughter Charity is always a trooper, joining in on the songs and the fun.
Helping sing "U Fight 4 Me"... Helping her team at some outdoor games.

Over the years, Dave's loved creating outrageous VBS moments.
Here he joins a cast of crazies as Skipper in "Gilligan's Island Meets Jesus."

The Eden kids always enjoyed joining dad on stage.
Performing "JCU" a long, long time ago!

The many faces of Dave... using puppets, object lessons and crazy characters.

Ah, yes. It's so good to have friends who refresh your soul.

But always be careful kids, it's pretty dangerous out there!
You never know what you'll run into!