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JCU: Songs from the School of Jesus
Dave’s first
CD of all original revival songs, focusing on our daily walk with Christ.

Includes The Coloring Song
(recorded by Petra in 1980).
To hear samples, go to Music Dept.


Created by Dave with daughter Charity and a cool kid’s choir.  The tunes challenge kids to be real for Jesus in a real lost world. Targeted for pre-teens, but Mom & Dad will enjoy it too.

Includes The Coloring Song & JCU.
To hear samples, go to Music Dept.


JCU Literature ----------------------------------------------------


“Song&Study” booklets
 available for both albums.
JCU                           $4.
JCU4kids                $4.

Contains the lyrics and a fun Bible study for each song. Helps you dig into the message behind the music. With challenging fill-in-the-blank, Bible search questions.  Perfect for your private times, studying with a friend, your family or small group.
Handy half-page size fits in your Bible!
To view sample pages, go to Music Dept.


The Potter's Wheel

8½x11” b&w coloring book              $5.

Dave’s first cartoon book.  It’s a gripping little story about a griping little pot that learns how to be real! Faith-building fun for the whole family.

Soon to be a full-color children’s book.

Read the poem itself in JCU Media!


The Cartoon Jesus
   (or Caricatures of Christ)

Coming this year!...
A unique book, an outrageous look at Jesus! Containing 10 cartoon caricatures, drawn by Dave, of false or worldly christs.  Using scriptures, comments and rhyme Dave compares these to the real Jesus of scripture. It will surely be a captivating and controversial faith tool for kids & their parents.

This book has been 10 years in the making and was the inspiration for "Pop Jesus" on the CD: