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The Separation Claws!


Does God give nations permission to exist?
Or do nations give God permission to exist?

article by David Eden
for The Wylie News
editorial page

Hallelujah! I’ve found it!  I’ve found the newest, truest, but most ancient of religions!  Actually it’s only the 2nd oldest religion on planet earth!  It’s called Humanism. And it’s the liberating gospel of the Power of Man and Faith in Myself!  What’s not to love!  And meet the high priests of our new order: The Lawyers!  They have come to free me from the restraints of God, or any authority, that would hinder my freedom or inhibit my pleasures! One of our favorite internet sites is FreedomFromReligion.com!   (If you want a good laugh or a good cry, check it out.)

We haves a wonderfully politically correct religion!  We don’t need any “god” of course. No, we tolerate all god’s, all opinions, all the time, and offend no one!-- except for those who won’t embrace our beautiful dream. We can’t tolerate them!  But we can simply shout them down with one of our favorite chants:  “It’s unconstitutional!” or “Separation of church & state!”  One of our favorite singers penned it best:

“Imagine there’s no Heaven, and no religion too. It’s easy if you try.”

Here’s a few of our most liberating by-laws…
Thou shalt have no gods at all but thyself. 
Thou shalt do whatsoever feels good with thine own body. 
Thou shalt place no symbol of any god in thy public places. 
Thou shalt always sue thy enemy, and get as much as thou canst.
Thou shalt lie and lie well. Then accuse thy opponents of lying.
Thou shalt blame all the world’s woes on religion, especially Christians.

Sound great? Won’t you join us?  We’ve made some wonderful advances!  Schools don’t make our children celebrate Christmas anymore!  Students can’t be forced to listen to prayers in class or at their games or even their graduation events!  It’s so exciting!  Teachers can’t read from the Bible or express their religious views to kids anymore! Cool! And hey, we’re getting those creepy manger scenes, and even Christmas trees, OFF CITY PROPERTY!  Oh Yeah!  We even got the Boy Scouts kicked out of a park because they have God in their code.  Are we on a roll or what!  And you’d better believe we’ll get those dusty old Ten Commandments beaten back into the churches where they belong! And just watch us get that big cross torn down in San Diego!  Everyone knows that governments must never suggest, even symbolically, anything religious!  Man!  What a sweet time to be alive!


Of course there’s still much to do, but don’t worry.  We’re still working on getting that divisive “under God” thing out of the pledge.  Soon our governing bodies will no longer be allowed to open with prayer for divine help; army chaplains won’t be permitted to preach or pray in Jesus’ name; and courtrooms will never again use a Bible for swearing in witnesses! And we’ll find a way to chisel away those scriptures and sappy sayings imbedded on our monuments and state buildings.  Oh yeah, and that “In God we trust” bit on our money!? It’s outta here! How horribly unconstitutional!  Humans unite! It’s all going down!  Women’s rights to women! Gay rights to have mutant marriages! Animal rights to have more protection than babies in the womb!  And the lawyers shall lead us (with media help) into our Promise Land.

Do not remove the ancient landmarks which your fathers set up  Proverbs 22:28
For if the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?  Psalm 11:3

Ever wonder, where did this downward spiral start?  And where will it end?  Our all-embracing, constitutional bedrock of religious freedom has been manipulated into a monstrous wall between the sacred and the secular, between anything of God and everything of Man!  In our “enlightened” era, a new interpretation of the so-called “separation clause” is ripping any vestige of spiritual landmarks out of a society desperate for healing and ancient wisdom. The most liberating document in the history of mankind, our Constitution, says:

Congress shall make no law to establish or hinder religion!

So what did our founding fathers (& mothers) know about God and government that today’s lawmakers don’t?  Why is this passage so balanced and comprehensive?...So politicians could never create a national mandatory system of faith or destroy the faith of a minority.  So that no senator, sovereign or Caesar could ever dictate how we should believe! And no priest, pope or preacher could ever impose their religion over all the people.  So that no Totalitarian Religious Regime (like Muslim nations or the old-world State Churches) could persecute the non-believers!  So no Big-Brother Secular Regime, barren of any heavenly input (like the former Soviet Union or China) could make worshippers into outlaws! So that all Americans, including teachers, politicians, government employees (even lawyers!) would be free to express their faith, but never repress their neighbor’s. 
But today’s constitutional experts shout that it’s wrong for state leaders to thank, seek or honor God!  Meanwhile our Declaration of Independence shouts from across the years that we are: “endowed BY OUR CREATOR with these unalienable rights?!"

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it:  Does God give nations permission to exist? Or do nations give God permission to exist?!  Was America just an accident of history? What a sacred privilege to live in a free nation!…to be able to debate social and eternal issues on the soapbox in public square!  But who should own THE SOAPBOX?  Dictators of the left or the right?! Who is that big and fair and wise?  Whose morality, whose religion, who's values should dictate the rules?  Maybe we should consult The One who gave us all this freedom?  Maybe it’s time to pray… if that’s ok.